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  • Hi I don't found a page that explain what page should be in this wiki you can explain me please?

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    • This is basically an abandoned wiki from long ago (2009, which the latest edit, until I find this wiki out, was from) dedicated to villains. But, now that I found it, I consider this wiki dedicated to what I like the most, villains, both fan-fic or not. But, if you want, you are free to create any page, as long as you create more villain pages than anything else.

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    • Thanks, I will to use this only by villains I know wikis to the other things

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    • Alright.

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    • Also, for you who likes editing about fanon villains, we have the official fanon wiki of Villains Fanon Wiki. If you like fanon villains, you can edit there rather than here, since this one is more of a very old abandoned wiki.

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